Small Single Phase Tumblers

A Simple low cost single phase machine. Ideally suited for small batches/small components to perform a variety of finishing processes. Mainly employed in small jewellery workshops or facilities where there is no three phase supply.


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AV Standard machine complete with outlet and lid

SS Ball burnishing model for AV25 & AV40 only complete with discharge door

DC Discharge door for easier unloading on model 75

TD Tilting device for bowls on 40 and 75 models

MS75 media separator

Manual separating screens available in 1/4”  3/8” 1/2”  3/4” 1”



Small Single Phase Tumbers Rotabarrel

Barrel burnishing or “tumbling” is a proven way to finish small components to final finish using the minimum labour and cost. Water mixed with abrasives or polish compounds produce a real improvement to the surface of the components.

Used on ferrous and non ferrous metals, ceramics and plastics

  • Six sided barrel bodies for perfect results, made in polypropylene with a 10 year guarantee
  • New power transmission system, continuously rated
  • Quick release lid
  • Choice of barrel configurations, choose between 3 and 6 litre capacities or a mix of sizes
  • 3 sizes of ROTABARRELS to suit all your needs 6, 12 and 18 litre capacity


Download the Sharmic Information Flyer Download our information flyer