Plastic Finishing Media

Plastic Media


This Low Density Plastic Media enables fine finishes to be imparted on metals and plastics which hitherto has been Impossible without surface impingement or work hardening of the surfaces. It eliminates costly hand polishing and provides Surfaces ready for electroplating, anodising or painting. It is extensively used for deburring, deflashing, radiusing, polishing, Burnishing and surface improvement of all metals and plastics.

  • Type HI-CUT (Black) 1
    For extra fast cutting and the fast removal of heavy burrs and flash from all metals.
  • Type UF (Pink) 2
    For general purpose non petroleum based media, it is low foaming and has the advantage of initial low price.
  • Type PCH (Grey/Green) 3
    For faster deburring, medium finishing and surface improvement of all Metals, particularly aluminium leaving it a natural colour when finished. Contains a synthetic abrasive.
  • Type PH (Green) 4
    A popular economical general purpose finishing media,giving excellent surface improvement of all metals.
  • Type PCX (Red) 5
    General purpose polyester finishing media, for the surface improvement of all metals.
  • Type P67 (Blue) 6
    A lower density cost effective finishing media, an alternative to conventional media offering qualities and depreciation rates similar to ceramic media.
  • Type PH1 (Yellow) 7
    For ultrafine surface improvement and in particular the generation of a extremely bright finish to the surface of all metals.
  • Type PA (White/Blue) 8
    A low fine finishing media for producing a very flat fine surface on all metals.

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