MACH 2012

Sharmic Enjoys Success at MACH 2012

Exhibiting at the recent MACH exhibition has proven an extremely worthwhile exercise for Sharmic Engineering Ltd with the company generating a large amount of high quality leads from the event as well as a number of off the stand sales.

The exceptional results for Sharmic are credit to its exciting new VRM125 EDSRKST and VRM125K vibratory finishing machines. The new VRM125EDSR vibratory finishing machine with its tri-dimensional action is suitable for deburring, polishing, burnishing, de-scaling, de-flashing and honing. With a range of machines in the series with a capacity from 125 to 4000 litres, the 125 litre VRM125EDSR was well received at MACH. Available as a standard or bespoke unit that can incorporate an internal separation device, PLC or standard control unit, variable speed, noise cover and compound metering unit, the VRM125EDSR offered manufacturers looking for the complete finishing solution the ideal answer.

Complementing the VRM125EDSR at MACH was the VRM125K heated maize drying machine for rapid drying and polishing of parts. For end users with a specific requirement to dry components with remarkable speed whilst also polishing the parts, the VRM125K is the ideal solution. With a 780mm width and 280kg weight, the small footprint 0.75kw unit can fit into any manufacturers production facility.

Alongside the popular VRM125 series was the SM2/P. This manually unloaded vibratory finishing machine has extensively proven itself as the ideal solution for reducing manufacturing costs such as time consuming and labour intensive hand finishing processes. Capable of working with a diverse range of materials and component dimensions, the benefits of the SM2/P are noted by satisfied customers from all industry sectors. Suitable for batch finishing operations, the SM2/P can also be incorporated into a production line environment to drastically cut finishing processes such as deburring, polishing, burnishing and de-scaling. The robust and reliable SM series is available in a number of bowl sizes to meet the exact needs of the end user. The bowl chamber is available with an internal coating of polyurethane or rubber to suit the specific demands of the end user.

For MACH visitors that required a finishing technique for lengthy components that are not suited to a bowl chamber, Sharmic highlighted its compact VM20Y vibratory trough system with a VE14 separator. The VM20Y has been developed for manufacturers that need to finish specific components separately to prevent any contact between parts. The VM20Y permits this with its innovative dividers to permit the finishing of a number of parts simultaneously, whilst keeping them in individual chambers to prevent contact. An innovative solution that is not available from most competitors, the VM20Y with separation chambers is an extremely popular solution for industry sectors with increasingly sensitive parts - a point that was extremely popular among MACH show attendees.

Demonstrating its ability to service customers from all industry sectors regardless of component size, Sharmic also exhibited its Rota Barrel 6L for the final finishing of small components with the minimum labour and cost input. Ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as ceramics and plastics, the Rota Barrel offers a 10 year guarantee for customer confidence. With a new power transmission system, quick release lid and a choice of barrel configurations that includes a 6, 12 or 18 litre barrel, the Rota Barrel can accommodate the demands of small manufacturing facilities.

Alongside the Rota Barrel at MACH was the AV40 SS singe phase small tumbler for manufacturing sites with limited space and a requirement to finish small components. The Sharmic AV40 is a simple, low cost single phase machine that is suited to small batch components and small components. Capable of performing a variety of finishing processes, the AV40 has a 17 inch bowl diameter with a 7 inch depth and 9.8litre capacity that demonstrates its ability to fit into any manufacturing environment.

Not only was Sharmic delighted with the enquiry levels for its products on show at MACH, the Stourport-on-Severn business was also pleased with the interest levels in its consumable products for surface finishing. With an unparalleled number of plastic and ceramic media grades and shapes available for processing parts plus an extensive selection of granulated maize and walnut media for finishing and drying, Sharmic was delighted with the enquiries generated at MACH 2012.

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