Ceramic Finishing Media

Ceramic Media

Ceramic Media enables various Finishes to be imparted on metals, plastics and other ceramic Materials, according to the grade selected.


It is used according to grade, shape and size, in a variety of Barrel, vibratory and centrifugal finishing machines, to Perform such operations as grinding, deburring, deflashing, Honing, polishing, burnishing and super-finishing to low Micro inch finishes.

  • Superfast BR grade (Dark Brown) 1
    An alternative to TC12 where rapid stock removal is required.
  • Supercut TC12 grade (Light Brown) 2
    Fast Cut Grade, based on a different abrasive system to standard type.
  • Fast Cut TC2 grade (Grey) 3
    Slightly faster in preformance than the standard type,
  • Standard Cut TC1 grade (Grey) 4
    General purpose abrasive finishing and surface improvements on all metals,
  • Fine TC9 grade (Pink) 5
    Suitable where a degree of cut with a fine finish is important,
  • Superfine TC0 grade (Cream) 6
    Containing no added abrasives it used for a variety of special applications.
  • Ultrafine TCX grade (White) 7
    For non-abrasive applications where an Aluminous Porcelain is preferred to steel media. It is used extensively for pickling, burnishing and polishing operations when used in conjunction with a paste or burnishing compound.



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