Granulated Maizorb & Walnut Shell

Granulated Walnut & Maize Shells

Polishing & Drying Maizorb

Maizorb is supplied for use in heated vibratory driers for drying of metal components

With a paste additive the maizorb can be used in standard vibratory finishing machines for the final stage polishing of metal components

Naturally produced from maize, having high absorption qualities, this granulated product is available in the following grades:



Products Pass Retained
GM06 Very Coarse 5.00mm 3.00mm
GM12 Coarse 2.00mm 1.50mm
GM16 Medium 1.50mm 1.10mm
GM20 Fine 1.10mm 0.75mm
GM30 0.75mm 0.60mm


Walnut Shell



Products Pass Retained
GN07 Very Coarse 4.50mm 2.50mm
GN08 Very Coarse 4.00mm 2.50mm
GN12 Coarse 1.70mm 1.30mm
GN16 Medium 1.30mm 0.80mm
GN20 Fine 1.00mm 0.45mm
GN30 Fine 0.80mm 0.45mm
GN80 Fine 0.45mm 0.20mm


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