Liquid/Powder/Paste Chemical Compounds



In establishing a metal finishing process, whilst the selection of finishing media is important so is the importance of the associated metal finishing compound, which is essential for the process being performed, and its importance cannot be ignored.

Due consideration must be given to the nature of the process, its safety to the machine operator, and its environmental consequences.

We constantly monitor the performance of our metal finishing compounds through our own demonstration facilities and subcontract finishing department.

Our compounds contain many features. They are specifically formulated to perform many functions and contain materials to enhance the desired process such as de burring, polishing or cleaning. They have been formulated in accordance with how they are applied to the process, either hand or through automated dosing systems, whether the process involved is an open or closed system. They also include additives to isolate the metal fines, to clean the machines work chamber, and finally to give protection to the processed components plus any metallic machine parts that will be in contact within the finishing process.

The environment is constantly changing and pressure is being constantly applied by industry and water companies, to produce more friendly compounds, therefore we are proud to be associated, along with our collaborators, to actively engage in the pursuit of this goal, and to share the knowledge with our customers, through research and development.

We have a full blending facility within our works, to manufacture special compounds and chemical mixtures, as well as our own metal finishing programme

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