Vibratory Deburring

To complete our programme, since 1976, we have offered a vibratory deburring finishing service, to those companies who for a variety of reasons, wish to outsource the finishing of their components.

This may include companies who do not have the capital to invest in their own finishing system or do not have the physical space or staff to undertake the finishing operation, or that their production levels are such that it is not a viable proposition or that the finish required is special and they require expertise, or require a temporary service whilst a repair or replacement to their machine is being undertaken, or finally that they simply prefer subcontracting as their mode of operation.

We therefore offer a competitive service, within our own facility, to perform processes such as de-burring, de-scaling, polishing, burnishing, and the surface improvement of all metals, plastics and ceramic materials.

Additionally we now offer a vibratory separator re-meshing service, both bonded or clamped types, and we also offer a specialised subcontract service for solids from solids or solids from liquid separation on our internal in house machines.

Transport is available to ensure a faultless service.