Centrifugal Drying & Degreasing Machines



Main Uses:

  • Drying small to medium metal and plastic articles by components by utilising a combination of a centrifugal action with hot air.
  • Extensively used where using maize dryers cause a problem with lodgement of the maize granules

Main Features:

  • Robust design, yet easy to operate
  • Tilting and unloading can be lever or pneumatically activated
  • Non-removable basket in drilled stainless steel, hole diameter 2mm (0.9mm on request)
  • Control panel with cycle timer, centrifugal and heating switches



Tilting centrifugal Dryers at 180

Dryers  ASC 50/LR ASC 70/LR
Internal basket Dimensions (mm)
o x h
 25 50
Theoretical Volume (litres)  415 445
Capacity (kg)  200 200
RPM  360 370
Heating Elements (W)  645 710
Motor Power (W)  650 720
Total Installed Power (W)  920 985
Overall Dimensions (mm) 140 160
Unloading Opening (mm) 1500 1500
Weight (kg) 480 480


SK Machine

Ideally suited for components that have lodgement areas that prevent the components from being maize dried. ‘Y’ version for removing and draining oil from components.

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