New Component Showroom for Finishing Opens 2019 at Sharmic!

Sharmic Engineering is a leading provider of vibratory finishing solutions for surface improvement of components. We supply many industries including the Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Jewellery, Architectural Hardware, Fancy Goods and Medical, plus various others.

Sharmic has recently undertaken two major refurbishment projects to improve its in house services and storage facilities for customers. In 2018 Sharmic completed a brand new extension to its main factory to house a new equipment showroom and process laboratory. The new facility enables us to demonstrate new equipment and to carry out free trials to establish process solutions on customer components. Additionally due to the increased demand for consumables which include ceramic and plastic media, paste, maizorb and chemical compounds, a replacement roof was installed enabling us to increase our storage capacity by 20%. This also enabled Sharmic to expand its in house chemical manufacturing facility and storage of raw materials.

If you require any technical support or advice and would like to discuss or make an appointment to undertake any free component trials, please contact one of our sales advisors today.

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